Thailand memories and a guide for visitors

I am attaching a letter I sent to last year.

Since returning to Australia, I found success, starting a construction company called Creative Knights which specialises in what I like to call “sexy” designs for patios and home improvements.

I have been served up some lemons in my life, but instead of becoming bitter I made lemonade.

I am proud that people have taken inspiration from my experiences.

Hello folks,

I am an Australian citizen who found

himself in a nightmare called Phuket

Prison for 1 yr in 2014.

During that time UK prisoners

received copies of the Prisoners

Abroad Newsletter. These mags were

shared around to the other foreign

prisoners as the UK guys finished

reading them. The stories in your

magazine and the letters from other

prisoners abroad helped us feel less

isolated, less abandoned and less


Phuket Regional Prison is rated as

the second worst prison in Thailand.

Built to hold 800 prisoners, in 2014

the prisoner numbers went over

3000. The conditions for prisoners

are inhumane. 350 prisoners are

crammed into a room of 240 square

metres for 15 hrs a day. Because of

poor management and corruption

some 200+ prisoners miss out on food

at every meal due to food shortages.

Medicine is non-existent, beatings by

prison officers are a daily event, and

disease is rife.

I am back in Australia after waiting

for 12 months in that hell-hole to

be found not guilty but not before

my lawyer disappeared with my

bail money, I was beaten by a crazy

prisoner and threatened with death by

some unhappy ATM robbers. When I

entered the prison I was 84 kilos and

was down to 46 kilos upon my release.

After 6 months of eating a healthy

delicious diet my weight is up to 92

kilos. Sadly I still have ongoing health

issues that require constant visits to

doctors and specialists.

My day of release will remain with me

as one of the greatest days of my life

but some days I do feel for the foreign

and Thai prisoners I left behind in that


Please keep up the great work you

guys at Prisoners Abroad are doing

and thank you from all the foreign

prisoners, not just the UK guys. Your

work touches all.




Prisoners Abroad has a factsheet on the legal system of the country, as well as information on amnesties and pardons. We have also compiled a guide for visitors to Bangkwang Central Prison.